Medical Supplies Needed for Licensing and Accreditation Surveys

Home Health and Hospice Agencies preparing for surveys need to have basic medical supplies in the office. These medical supplies are meant to be given to clinicians based on various patient care needs. Once active, medical supply inventory is tracked and managed, and the medical supplies used on a particular patient are included on the claims in billing.

Part of any HHH survey can include an inspection of the above stated process but during licensing and accreditation surveys, it’s enough to show that you have some basic supplies in your office and that they are NOT EXPIRED. Here’s the list of medical supplies you need to have in your office during the licensing and accreditation surveys:

These supplies can be purchased at most drug stores or pharmacies. You can also purchase them below:


According to the World Health Organization, gloves must be worn anytime patient-care activities are being performed (click here for the “Glove Use Information Leaflet” from the World Health Organization). That means anytime a clinician is at the patient’s home, they need to be wearing gloves. Home Health and Hospice Agencies need to have a few boxes of sterile gloves in every size at all times at the office. You want to avoid gloves with powder because they may cause interactions with hand sanitizers. Here are some recommended ones:


Size: Small

Size: Medium

Size: Large

Hand Sanitizer

Hand hygiene is one of the primary methods of preventing the spread of infections and diseases. Healthcare workers who encounter multiple patients a day need to be vigilant with their hand hygiene practices. The World Health Organization suggests the use of hand rub when hands aren’t visibly dirty because it’s gentler on hands, more effective and faster than traditional soap and water techniques. For more information on WHO hand hygiene guidance, click here. Make sure the hand sanitizers you purchase are alcohol-based and that each person who comes in contact with your patients has one with them, as well as a few back ups in your office. Here’s a 12 pack we love:


Normal Saline

Normal saline is a liquid that’s made up of salt and water. It’s used in cleaning wounds because it’s sterile and doesn’t hurt when applied. Your agency should have a few bottles of saline ready to go in case you get a patient who requires wound care.


4-Pack 100 ml

6-Pack Assorted Sizes


Alcohol Prep Pads

Alcohol prep pads are used to clean the skin prior to certain medical procedures like injections and finger prick blood glucose monitoring. This is a common supply that you should have at the office for immediate pick up by any field staff who visit diabetic, IV or wound patients. Prep pads need to be sterile, meaning individually wrapped, to avoid the spreading of infections.


Gauze Sponges

Sterile gauze sponges are disposable pieces of gauze that are used in wound care and injections to absorb blood and other fluids. This is a very common supply found in all home health and hospice companies. Agencies want to have a good amount of these on hand. The most common sizes needed are 2x2 and 4x4. Just like the alcohol prep pads, you need to make sure they are individually wrapped (aka sterile). Here’s a good sterile gauze sponge in both sizes. We suggest buying a couple of boxes each.


2x2 Sterile Gauze Pads

4x4 Sterile Gauze Pads

Surgical Tape

Surgical tape is used to keep gauze sponges in place. Important elements of tape are that they’re breathable and hypoallergenic. Here’s a 6 pack that meets all the elements and more:


The above medical supplies will get you through any initial home health and hospice survey. We suggest you check the supplies for expiration once a month to ensure that all supplies are current at the time of your inspections. Any