Electronic route sheets are set to be mandatory by 2020


Electronic Route Sheets, also known as Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) will be mandatory in Home Health by January 2020.

This law will require home care agencies across the country to utilize Electronic Visit Verification.

So what is Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)?

It is a software that electronically records date, time and location of the services performed. There are a lot of different EVV systems, all which might employ different ways of verifying visits. Some use phone lines, fax or mobile, while other have an app.

So why is it required?

Its required to track and ensure that the visits home care agencies are reporting are actually taking place. Helps prevent fraud. And most importantly ensuring patients are getting the care they need! Do you research and find out what system works best for you, or give us a call, We’ll give you our top three recommendations and the pros/cons of each system. We will help mach the right software to your agencies needs.

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