Enough Was Enough

It all started when a home health consultant and a home health agency owner had enough of the therapy staffing companies they worked with.

Picture it. Los Angeles. 2007. A simpler time before outlier caps, face to face requirements and mandatory therapy re-evaluations. When all therapy staffing companies had to do was complete visits, submit documentation on time, and keep up with credentials. It could have and should have been so easy...but it wasn't.

  • It took months to get documentation;

  • And months to get corrections;

  • Staffing companies rarely knew if therapists were seeing patients or how often;

  • Evaluations were almost never done within 48 hours, or 72 hours, or even a whole week;

  • Sometimes, aides were used instead of therapists and assistants;

  • Other times documented visits were fake.

Enough was enough. Out of the black hole of desperation, TT Medical was born and the game hasn't been the same ever since.

Treat Staff Like Customers

We decided that if we were going to do this, we were going to do it right.

Both of us had business experience and we understood our staff had to come first. So we spent months planning out a business structure at a coffee shop in Hollywood. The idea was to treat our staff the way most businesses treat customers.

We knew clinicians had options and we were determined to be the best one.

One Less Thing

We started with what customers didn't want.

Because we recently were the customers we understood the frustration. Agencies simply wanted one less thing to worry about, to follow up on, to do. We created our principles:

  1. Things would be on time.

  2. The office would know exactly what was happening.

  3. And we wouldn't tolerate any kind of foul play.

From that point on, anything we did, any process we created, any person we worked with had to pass that test. No exceptions. And it worked! TT Medical grew like wildfire. It turns out when you do your best and treat people with respect, great things happen. 

The Concept Was Proven

Now what?

We knew we couldn't stop at just home health or just California. If the system was so broken here, it was broken everywhere. And if therapy staffing needed that much help, so did everything else. So we started adding, creating and expanding.



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