As a clinician there are so many settings for employment, so you may be asking yourself...why home health?

It's Rewarding

The home health industry is a very rewarding working setting for therapists. Physical therapists and physical therapy assistants help patients who can't leave the home walk and be independent again after falls. Occupational therapists and certified occupational therapy assistants help patients perform ADL's and IADL's after debilitating hospitalizations, resulting in major boosts of confidence in the patients. Speech language pathologists and speech therapists guide patients to be able to swallow and speak again after strokes and other traumas.

Home Health agencies treat patients who are too sick to leave the home for medical care. Usually consisting of elderly people who have recently undergone a spell of illness or exacerbation of condition, it's a very rewarding field. There's nothing like helping someone walk again after a fall, regain speaking ability after a stroke or independently care for themselves.

It's Flexible

In home health, therapists and assistants can schedule their patients however they want, within the framework of a frequency. As long as the discipline-specific frequency is being followed for the week, work can be done outside of working hours.

Your patients are focused in a small area of your choosing. You schedule visits with patients at days and times that are convenient for you. You decide how many visits you want to do in a day, week or month. You're the boss!

It's Lucrative

The Home Health industry provides a high value to clinicians because of the flexibility and the salary. Therapists get paid more in home health than any other type of work. Physical Therapist per diem rates range from $60 to $80 per visit. Physical Therapy Assistant per diem rates range from $45 to $60 per visit. Occupational Therapist per diem rates range from $ 60 to $80 per visit. Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant per diem rates range from $45 to $60 per visit. Speech Therapist and Speech Language Pathologists per diem rates range from $70 to $90 per visit.

With Home Health, you're not limited by working hours, or working days. Even if comparing hour for hour, the Home Health industry pays more than any other healthcare setting. An average full time therapist, nurse, social worker or home health aide in home health can easily make from 10% more annually.

Wanna play on a winning team?