Q&A with Larry...

Q: What can you do today that you could not do a year ago?

A: Over the past year I have learned to hone in on a specific skill. To analyze number and make decisions based on where I see the trends are heading. Of course there is still a lot to learn, but it has been the focus of my education this past year. This past year I have been guided through various deficiencies I would have not necessarily found.

Q: When was the last time you traveled somewhere new?

A: My wife and I travel at least one a year to new places. In recent years we've had the privilege to visit several places in Europe. We try to mix it up with 2 types of experiences. One is to actually relax and mentally let go, usually in beachy cities. And the other type of experience (and my favorite type) is to explore, yes its very tiring, but that's when I learn the most. I try to see how the locals live, how they eat, work, relax. I ask many questions. I try to get a deep understanding of their culture. With those types of trips I come back with an experience of deeper meaning. It helps me understand my life better, to be grateful with what I have and how I live. 

Q: If you could ask one person, dead or alive, one question, who would you ask and what would you ask?

A: I'm not a religious person, but if I had the opportunity to ask a question to anyone dead or alive I would definitely go back a couple thousand years and find Jesus. I don't know the question yet but whatever it is it will help me understand our current religions and culture based on that time period and person. 

Q: How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

A: Resourceful, Diligent, Workaholic, Eager and Logical (aka pesamistic) 

Q: What does success mean to you?

A: Being a winner! Whatever I do, whether its sports, finances, etc. "The proof is in the pudding" 

Q: How have you grown professionally working at TT?

A: Every experience good or bad I take as a learning opportunity. I constantly feel like I'm growing here at TT. Just In the past year I feel like I've mastered time management, multitasking (even though I'm not naturally a multi-tasker) and managing many types of personality traits, Though I still have a lot to learn. The situations I am exposed to put me outside of my comfort zone and force me to learn as I go.