Easy On-Boarding

At TT Medical, our top priority is deconstructing inconveniences preventing task completion. A great example is our easy on-boarding practice. Eligible applicants with valid, active licenses can go from application to first patient within one day.

This spirit lives in all TT Medical company processes which are organized to ensure maximum efficiency for all participants. We promise to never waste your time. 

To become part of the TT Medical team, applicants undergo three easy steps: Application, Orientation, Credential Submission. While much more is done in the background, our application process is geared to saving all therapists, nurses, social workers and aides as much time and effort as possible.




Our New Hire Package is separated into 2 sections.

Job Descriptions This package contains your discipline-specific job descriptions and our company visit rates. Both documents must be signed, dated and returned.

Employee Application This package contains your application, contract, HIPAA addendum, and a series of administrative forms and disclaimers. The forms in this package cover our clients' HR requirements.


Once the New Hire Package forms are completed, submitted, reviewed and accepted, an interview/orientation is scheduled. 

Please set aside 1 to 1 1/2 hours for the orientation. During the orientation, we discuss important company policies, show you how to use our software and explain various important deadlines.




We need the following valid, currently active credentials, which can be attached to the application packet or emailed to me directly. It’s best to send the credentials ASAP not to delay the onboarding process.

  1. Resume
  2. Professional License
  3. CPR
  4. Driver License
  5. Malpractice Insurance
  6. Auto Insurance
  7. Physical (no more than 1 year old) 
  8. Tuberculosis clearance:
    • PPD (not more than a year old)
    • Chest X‐Ray (not more than two years old)
*If you don’t already have your malpractice insurance (also known as professional liability insurance), you can purchase it by clicking here.