Home Health & Hospice Staffing

Every day home health and hospice agencies struggle with field staff retention. Rising payroll costs, constant regulation changes and referrals in unpredictable areas make it almost impossible to stay both compliant and profitable.

So what's an agency to do? Well you have 2 options:

Directly hire field staff (compliance) OR use a staffing agency (profitability).

But there's a catch... good direct field staff are hard to come by. They're usually expensive, don't cover every area, and require a lot of management. Staffing agencies can cover more territory but the field staff quality is usually significantly lower and coordinating with field staff is slowed down due to a middle man.

Now what? Now TT Medical.

Top rated home health and hospice agencies around the country work with us for a reason.

Actually it's a few reasons, and here they are:

  1. Highly Trained Field Staff TT Medical field staff are properly trained in home health regulations, bedside manner and documentation so you get a home health professional, every time.

  2. Knowledgable Office Personnel Our office staff are also trained in home health regulations, documentation standards and billing requirements so the trained licensed professionals in the field are managed by trained professionals in the office.
  3. An Eye on the Future Since we're also a consulting company, we are always up to date with new and upcoming regulations. We're also in tune with what surveyors are looking for. This means the staff you use through us will keep you compliant, always.

All of this means your patients and your charts are taken care of. And all of that means:

 Compliance AND Profitability

That's rare.

It's rare because few companies take the effort to be great. But we do and so do you. And here's how we help you be greater:

  1. Less time and money spent on field staff management We know the rules and we enforce them for you.
  2. Less time and money spent on field staff coordination You tell us once and it gets done.
  3. Less time and money spent on documentation follow up Notes come within the legal 7 day grace period.
  4. Less time and money spent on HR maintenance We maintain, update and send you credentials on time, every time.
  5. Less time and money spent on staffing We staff all disciplines so you don't have to turn down patients due to non-coverage. 

One call to help with all your staffing needs.