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“TT Medical Saved my Business”

Our last consultant dropped the ball and we were one day away from getting shut down. In desperation we found TT Medical and they not only extended my deadline of 20 pages of corrections but they fixed most of the issues overnight. We have used many consultants in the past, and it seems that its all the same issues, over promise, and when the time comes to deliver they either grossly under deliver or over the number of years I've been in this business I've had situations where they completely disappear. After finding TT Medical, I have to say Gratitude is an understatement . They were extremely professional, courteous and most importantly for me, very on top of communication. During that particular disaster I was going through, their communication is what kept me calm. I knew I was in good hands. I have since highly recommended TT Medical to peers and have heard similar success stories. Needless to say, they are the best!

- Irina Gotlinskaya

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"They Know what they’re talking about!"

I was new to the Home Health Industry, I hired a consultant that was recommended to me. She was paid up front and got us through our initial survey. Unfortunately didn't do much past that. Frustrated with that whole situation, we found TT Medical. They not only found that our Medicare application was never filed, they helped reduced our huge monthly expense down to almost nothing. They filed all the appropriate documents, pushed through to get a quick survey. And it all went through without a hitch. I am so thankful for all the help they gave me. They have exceeded all our expectations.

- Alex Gorin

Katya Aganova.png

"I Feel Confident"

TT Medical is managing most of our administrative tasks. I feel like we truly hired the best of the best. I know our agency is in good hands because they not only are on top of everything, they communicate all details to us. They train our staff and make sure we don't derail. They catch our issues right away and we have avoided several costly mistakes thanks to them.

- Katya Aganova

Konstantine Aganov.png

"Best Decision made"

Before hiring TT Medical for all our admin and billing work. We decided to hire them for a full Agency Evaluation. This was by far the best investment we have made for our company. The consultant they sent analyzed our company from head to toe. She identified dead weight employees, she identified previous billing errors and we recouped thousands. She identified bottlenecks in our processes. She trained our staff. And best of all, she asked for what we considered a "Prefect Patient Chart" and identified several issues that we missed and weren't properly trained on. That investment paid for itself a hundred times over.

- Konstantine Aganov

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"Great Consultants, better Billers"

After realizing that our EMR software was just not enough for all our billing needs we hired TT Medical. They came recommended and are doing a fantastic job. They work with us on our software, they find errors and are extremely proactive in correcting them and preventing them. They work with our staff to insure everyone is on the same page and our billing moves along flawlessly.

- Daniel Shah

Lauren Russell.png

“TT Medical made is easy”

After Lots of research we hired TT Medical for our Survey. We passed ACHC without any deficiencies. I felt very comfortable knowing they were working on my agency. This is whole experience was surprisingly easy . They did majority of the "heavy lifting" and guided me on what I needed to do.
They spent time explaining the survey process and what to expect. I simply had no worried, period.

- Lauren Russell

Dave Engler.png

“Great Billing Company”

TT Medical level of professionalism has left an excellent impression. We were lucky to have found them and they recouped a hefty amount left from our former biller.

- Dave Engler